Why do players wear jackets?

A football player usually wears a football jacket to keep his body warm and fit. These jackets are used by football players and almost all the players who play outdoor games. These are widely used by cricket players, tennis players, badminton players, and football players. There are multiple reasons why players use these jackets. These jackets are usually made up of polyester. As all that knows it, polyester is not the thing that can protect a body from winter. For this purpose, wool is mainly used. So, players use these polyester jackets not for the sake of protecting the body from the winter season but for other reasons, and some are given below;

  • As the players go into the ground, they must run a lot. After finishing the match, when they return to the pavilions, their body has a lot of sweat. If it is exposed to cold breeze or air, it will result in the contracting of muscles. So, players use this to keep their muscles warm, absorbing sweat, ultimately preventing injuries.
  • The football jackets used by football players or other team players are of a specific color. Different teams have different shades of jackets. These are also used to distinguish the team players of one side.
  • For a player, sportsmanship is the primary thing. They were wearing a jacket after the match is a sign of sportsmanship. So players consider it their responsibility and wear it.
  • The manufacturing brands also send jackets to teams for their advertisement. So, players advertise the brands and wear them.

Types of football jackets:

There are several types of football jackets. Some are discussed below;

Sideline caps:

Football players who play late in the season use sideline caps. These are substantial-size jackets. The primary function of this jacket is to keep the body warm. Some people also guess that there is some heating system inside these jackets. But it is not so. These are lined with fleece or a nylon shell that keeps the body warm and gives a moderate temperature.

Lettermen jackets:

The football players in high school mostly use this jacket. They do not wear it during the match but to keep warm; they usually wear it before and after the game. Based on these lettermen jackets, someone can quickly find football players in a group of multiple sports.

Flak jacket:

Flak jackets are usually worn around the ribcage to prevent any injury. These are mainly used on the field by football players. The players who take the position of quarterback and wide receivers use these jackets to prevent themselves from injuries. A player having already an injury can play by wearing this jacket.

Symbolizes unity:

When a team of eleven players wears the same uniform, it psychologically gives them the sign of equality and unity. In a group, a game individual has no importance. If the players will not collaborate, respect each other, and consider a player equivalent to him, it is impossible to win a team game. So, when coaches, staff, and all the team members wear the same jersey and jackets, it reflects equality, and hence the sense of unity ultimately arises.



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